Safety & Insurance

The Organizer provides general guarding and admission procedure at the territory of the Event, except for particular security of exhibits and property of the Customer. The Organizer does not bear responsibility for safety of above mentioned property and exhibits.

The personal security of stands is carried out by the authorized services of the exhibition centre at additional expense under the Exhibitor forward ordering, or is independent.

The Customer is entitled to use the stand during the prescribed time, since protection raising and until the protection acceptance of the Event hall.

Individual guarding of the stands and exhibits of the Customer is allowed only if agreed by the Organizer in the presence of written approval of the local administration of the building where the Event is held.

The Customer is recommended to close and to seal storages, valuable residences and leave the stand only in moment of protection acceptance of the Event hall.

The Customer is recommended to insure stand staff, exhibits and equipment for the period of staying at the Event territory.