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The unique infrastructure Moscow “City Crocus” includes: Metro station «Myakinino» (The unique infrastructure Moscow “City Crocus” includes: Metro station),  «Crocus Expo» (549 000 sqm, 3 pavilions, 49 conferences of halls, a free parking on 26 000 car places), Business hotel «Aquarium» (13 000 sqm, 225 numbers), «Crocus City Hall» (4 500 sqm, 6 200 places), the Hypermarket «Tvoy Dom» (114 000 sqm, 2 cases), «Crocuss City Mall» (62 000 sqm) Shore House, yacht-club and restaurant (1 688 sqm, a beach area of 2546 sqm, 2 opened pools covering 325 and 354 sqm).

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At your service also:

  Information stands
  Service Centre
  Currencies exchange
  ТShopping centres

Information stands

Stands settle down at the entrance to the halls and in a rest zone. It is offered to you: the help in orientation under the exhibition plan, an exhibition catalogue.

Service Centre "Crocus Expo"

It is located in foyer on the right side from the entrance. The centre offers exhibitors and visitors copy services, local and international phone calls, fax and internet connection.


At your service the points of a food located on second floor of Pavilion 2 Crocus Expo. .

- Crocus City Mall
- Tvoy Dom

Restaurants of Crocus City Mall:


Restaurant Asia - the most popular restaurant of "Crocus  City Мall", offering dishes Chinese and a Japanese cuisine. Fully diluted Asian European interior elements: near to chairs “under a zebra” - a panel with hieroglyphs on leather sofa hall dividing into two halves-wooden pendants. Cooks from Shanghai prepare dishes of different provinces of China - pork ribs in sauce chili, soup with the Chinese dumplings, soup from the spark fins. Peking duck is cut in front of the guest. "Sizzling dishes" from meat or shrimps prepare on the cart near a table of the visitor.In the Japanese menu it is worth paying to the "Tepanyaki"- what are dishes which prepare in a hall. “Tepanyaki" served with a bean soup and vegetables.

Phone Asia: +7 495 727 1712


Fusion both owners and visitors for a long time already it is perceived as the main banquet hall "Crocus of City Mall". Ceiling, it is a glass dome translucent gray draperies among which the huge crystal chandelier with gilding flaunts fall down. Fusion is supplied by professional equipment and light, there is a scene. Style fusion here is treated as mixture of the European and Caucasian culinary traditions. For a titbit it is possible to order black caviar with pancakes, a cocktail from shrimps, Crab salad, salad from, roasted vegetables with herbs, salad from seafood and Kutaby. In section of dishes from fish with a salmon under sauce pesto adjoints seafood under sauce from red wine. Meat lowers are addressed corporate steak “Fusion” with cheese and demiglyas. Kiev cutlets, dolma. Barbecues are prepared on the grill. In the dessert menu the European sweets - apple struddel, profiteroles, lemon tartlets, a pie "Black wood" dominate.

Phone Fusion: +7 495 727 1711

Casa mia
Casa mia - is the small Italian restaurant..
Phone Casa mia: +7 495 727 1710

La vie
French restaurant La vie is too small, but atmosphere here is different.
Phone La vie: +7 495 727 1714

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha – is a restaurant with Indo-Chinese cuisine.

Phone "Gold Buddha": +7 495 727 4485


Club-restaurant Taboo has opened in the "Crocus City Мall" more recently. Visitors are offered by European and Oriental dishes, it is possible to order a hookah.From Thursday till Saturday with 200.00 in Taboo are DJs play, and since January of the next year in club-restaurant it plans to spend thematic parties with participation English and American DJs.
Phone Taboo: +7 495 727 2427

Currencies exchanges

Points are located in foyer of pavilion 2 and presented by following banks::
- Crocus-Bank
- Sberbank, including a cash machine at the entrance.

Shopping centre  "Tvoiy Dom"

The largest shopping centre offering a huge choice of the consumer and grocery goods in one place, convenient entrance and free parking, is located in 300 metres from "Crocus Expo"

The biggest “luxury shop” in Europe "Crocus City Mall"

“Crocus City Мall”, having collected in the territory the greatest collection of the goods of a class luxe, promises to become the present jazz capital, and everyone weekend to spend live performances of jazz stars.

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Currencies exchange