Dear visitors!  

Of course, you know that sales of unregistered medical devices and medicines create a threat of harm to the life and health of citizens. 

Exhibition company DENTALEXPO urges you to pay special attention to the necessity to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation when working at the exhibition. Remember that one of the most important tasks of the exhibition is to develop the market and improve the quality of life of the population of the country.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Territorial body of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in Moscow and the Moscow region and in order to prevent visitors from purchasing products that are sold with violations of the current legislation, we remind you the following:

1) Purchase, storage and use of unregistered medical devices and medicines entail a potential threat of harm to an unlimited number of citizens.

2) Persons engaged in purchasing, storage and use of unregistered medical devices and medicines are in fact complicit in unlawful acts, for which the current legislation provides for administrative and criminal liability.

Pay attention if the seller has data on state registration for all medical devices offered for sale, as well as a license to sell medicines.

We wish you a successful and pleasant participation in the exhibition!

WARNING to prevent violations of current legislation of the Russian Federation regulating the sphere of circulation of medicines and medical devices

警告  禁止触犯管理药品医疗器械流通领域的俄罗斯联邦现行法律